Listen to mother

Mother always said,
Be proper and nice
Surely gentlemen will notice
Mother always said,
Smile wider and sit up straight
My slouch makes me look like a drag
Mother always said,
Dress nice and never forget my manners
Because no one wants to marry a rude wench
You see,
mother has all these rules and conditions
I wish I could say they were wrong
But I don’t hate them.
Just the idea of I need to be a certain way for another being
Sounds repulsing to me
Why can’t I just be nice,
Because I want to spread a little joy?
Why can’t I smile sincerely
only when I’m happy?
Why can’t I sit up straight
Because I am proud of me?
Why can’t I dress to impress
The person staring back at me in the mirror?
This gentleman mother pictured for me.
Does he even exist?
Surely, he is a figment of her imagination
A concoction of her dream.
Because you see,
The boy that caught my eyes
Didn’t even spare a glance at me.
So maybe, mother was right.
As she always is.
A gentleman won’t love me
Not myself like this.

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