like I did.

To you whom I’ve loved;

I hope my daughter won’t meet someone like you,
like I did.
And even if she did, I hope she won’t let her love for the boy destroy her,
like I did.
And I hope when her 3 am thoughts are too much too handle,
she would come to me for a hug instead of doing something stupid,
like I did.
Oh, just in case her path ever crossed with someone almost similar to you,
I hope she won’t be swayed by his sweet talks and his promises of unicorns and rainbows,
like I did.

And because my mum taught me well to never hold grudge to people,
I’ll teach her not to hate the boy who breaks her heart,
like I did.

I pray that your daughter too,        would be saved from the likes of you,
So she would be spared from the worst heartbreak that a girl could bear,
like I never did.

Probably the most bitter person you would ever encounter.
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17 thoughts on “like I did.

    1. I just read your comment. Thank you for your kind word. I hope your daughter will meet someone who is nice and warm 🌸

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