Like Dying I mean Like Dying

Come across my mind in slideshows and slow music
I’d dance to your name all the time it finds a reason
for coming out of my lips.

I think God had purposely made everything to resemble
the way your heart beating.

I mean the vulnerability is deliberate
the vulnerability is easy.
Like dying
I mean like dying.
I mean I could stay put long enough.


Remind me of my lover
through the wind, the waves and the weather
as in make them be just as unsteady,
that same melancholy,

like the rise and drop of his chest
like tucking me in to sleep
I mean I havent been sleeping

I swear He made the night shorter than I remember it to be.
I hate the flicker of light
before it becomes steady and everybody coming alive slowly.

I mean I miss you.
have yet to find a way
to not go run to you whenever I’m nervous.

Cant do debate cuz I often forget where my point is going. Also cuz I stutter. Mainly cuz I stutter.
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