Life x Flowers

Flowers die, but another one will grow.
Doesn’t make any differences in our daily life. I usually think that flowers do give me strength to live. It shows how pure they are. How lovely they are, in and out. It all matters.
Its funny how powerful and precious flowers are to me. I just LOVE them.
It blooms when its time for them to bloom and beautify the world.
So is our inner self. We will bloom, we have those beautiful things to be unleashed to the world.
Flowers have their own scents which also relates to humans. Every human has their own life. Be it a good life or bad, be it a nice beautiful flower or the one with thorns.. but they are still surviving.
Flowers represent love. humans show what love is.. for they are made in pairs.
Flowers symbolize loveliness. humans will show how lovely life is.. for it is A MUST to spread LOVE!
Flowers mean strength. humans are strong.. for being strong is the only option during their stormy moments.
Flowers represent death. So is life to human. for the one who lives.. will die.
I represent myself as a flower.
It started with roots.
And then a flower blooms, to let everyone know the beauty in it.
But the cons is that one will pluck it & plucks another one if its already rotten.
So do I.
how can I survive?
Will everyone plucks another flower when I no longer the apple of their eyes?
But what matters most is the positivity that the flowers spread to the world. It shows how many times they have been plucked and thrown over, it will not stop them from growing. Growing even more beautiful and better, to be shown to the world..
To let the world know how colorfully-scented they are as flowers.

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