Life is not a race, but…

They say life is not a race.

And I agree. It is not.

But life is not indefinite either.

Time flows. And it will continue to move, whether you like it or not.

And as such, I need to get my priorities right.

I must be mother’s knightess, and protect her from the world’s misery.

I must be my sister’s help, because that’s what families do.

But then, I ask. When does my needs get to have their time?

When everyone is busy building their new lives, I’m stuck in putting others before me.

When everyone is stepping into their own world, I’m still in the world where I am the least important.

I know. I shouldn’t complain.

Life is not a race. I don’t need to conform to the dictation of my peer’s pace.

But I can’t help it sometimes. I am still human after all.

I do get envious of others. I do get dissatisfied by where I am. I do get lonely when I’m alone.

But even so, I’ll be the goody two shoes that I am.

I’ll bite my cheek while I prioritize others before me.

Because I believe, a good deed goes a long way,

And I’ll see the silver lining when it is time.

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