Letting you go wasn’t in the plan, I’m sorry

We started text on 26 October 2019. I have known you for six months on today date. I tak tahu how come i can be so attached with you. You’re addictive for me, you’re my everything, you’re enough for me, you know all this things already kan?

It’s been a week since the last day i told you to stop look for me. I told you please don’t come back again unless you’re ready to be mine. And i blocked you and you did the same too.

I’m so sorry. I can’t see you as a friend. It’s hurt me when you’re being nice to me while the truth you dah ada girlfriend. It really really hurt everytime you mention word “gf”. I’m so jealous with your girlfriend. Because you was mine back then 🙁

Imissyou. It’s hurt doing all this things. Jauhkan diri dari you, be the one yang push you away really hurt my own feelings. I’m sorry if I hurt you. Deep inside my heart is screaming you please come back and haunt me again.

We both dah banyak kali said yang we will stop looking for each other but we will always find our way back. We are more than friend. Even you pon know about that fact. But why you never admit that?

If we cannot be together, we need to break this chain. We both need to be happy. Where I’m sure you will be fine without me because you have found your happiness. It will be unfortunate for me tapi I still need to keep living kan? I ni pathetic kan? How come I boleh jadi macam ni at the end? 🙁 Who is going to save me?

I am always hoping a happy ending for both of us where there is me and you at the end.

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