Letter to the death.

I don’t know why did I feel this way.
That feeling of dying but yet still alive.
“I wanna die, let me die”
I have exactly one reason why I thought about being dead.
I just want to stop the pain from spreading all over my body.
It’s been few months already since this incident happened to me.
One day, I woke up at 3am and I start seeing things.
A black image started to appear on the wall and there’s a few creature inside of it.
And those things crawling to get themselves out from the image.
It was black and no face, trying to reach out to me with their long hands.
I was scared at first but I didn’t scream and run.
I look them right at their faces, trying to find their eyes, trying to make a connection.
But.. I found none. They’re emotionless. All I can see was black figure with a beating heart.
They alive yet look so dead.
But then I realize, I have no difference with them.
The only things that make us alive is our heart. But the sad truth is we’re dead, for a long time.
It’s been a few times already and I found myself not scared anymore.
It just the matter of times.
When they finally can drag me into the darkest image on the wall.
And I wouldn’t fight.
I will be ready as I know where I actually belongs to.

Princess with no power.
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One thought on “Letter to the death.

  1. I’m genuinely worried. Please get help from professionals. You can do it, there is no shame in receiving help.

    If you had, do you have a diagnosis? Are you on medication? Do you feel like there are changes after? If not, please inform your doctor.

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