Letter to Miss M

To Miss M,

I know you love me so much. Its been 17 years since you got me out from your womb in the hospital in Kluang. And Im grateful I was born quite in a silver spoon family from your hard work. I got good foods to eat, beautiful clothes to put on and a house of our own, and of course education to live with. Im sorry I couldn’t make it to your expectations Misses M, Im not a genius like Adi. Im not Einstein when he was young and neither Mark Zuckerberg who had brilliant idea about the Facebook when he was in Harvard. I am not these important people Misses M, and I never will be. Its too late already for me to be this people who caught attention all over the world on them.  The only thing I ask for is your trust Misses M, your trust towards my capability and your acceptance for what I am today and tomorrow. With love, Mr S.

Unreadable mess to lift up everything thats gone to ash into a story we never knew
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