Someday He Will Come

So here’s a story. About me. And my life. And the lesson that I learned from it.

Throughout the years of being a teenager, things surely don’t come easy. Sometimes, you’re up at the sky, feeling that windy breeze while enjoying the scenery.  Then suddenly one day, you’re at the deepest core of the ground, where you can’t even barely see the light. But that’s life, eh? And there’s nothing we  can do, but accept it wholeheartedly. Why?

Because Allah knows best.

That’s why.

It’s important for us to realize and know that Allah has it all planned for us. And He wants nothing but the best for his creations. So what if you’re still single at the age of 26? Maybe Allah was saving you for someone more worthy. Someone more better, someone that could bring you to the blessed way. Who knows?

I know there are tons of people in this world who wants to be with someone, but that someone probably doesn’t like you back. I know because I was one of those people. I have liked someone for 6 years and I do nothing about it.Why? Because I know he doesn’t like me back. It took me 6 bloody years to realize that he’s not worth it. Yes, I wasted a lot of time but I learned great things. Many thanks to him for giving me that lesson.

I learned that chasing a guy made you look clingy and desperate. So to whoever who’s chasing someone they truly like…stop.  Stop doing that. You worth more than that and there’s somebody out there who deserves you! Maybe he’s just stuck on traffic or something. Someday, he will come. He will. He will. Jodoh semua di tangan tuhan. Kalau you tak kahwin di dunia, you akan kahwin di syurga. It’s important that you know that.

If you really like him/her. You can always pray to your creator, at least your feelings will be heard, and it will go somewhere. If he’s really yours, then he will be yours. It’s just the matter of time. If he’s not.. then it means that you deserve better, much better than you can ever imagined!

One day, you’re gonna be married to someone who love better and probably look like Brad Pitt ( amin cepat) , have couple sets of twin babies in sha allah, and with stable finance and job. You’re going to look back to those days where you chased someone for years and thinking how ridiculous you were. But it’s okay, you can laugh about it and shrugged your shoulder.

You can continue with life. You can proceed with being you.

God’s will.


You could listen to my stories and learn from it.
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