Joke on me

Hid behind those smiles

Though heart has never stop aching

Knowing they are trying to make it feel better

My heart is still hurt

When I thought it will stop

Days keep on coming

Like it has no sign of ‘the end’

Will it end?

These days I rarely saw you

Maybe it is for the better

Yet your name still fresh behind these tears

Are you happy?

With her?

She who took you from me


It is you who decided to go

It is you who decided to leave

It is you who decided to hurt me

It is you

And it will always be you

Who I will keep my love to

Thought that you will never leave me

Thought that you will not be able to be happy without me

A thought that later becomes a joke on me

It is me who try to live without you

Despite of those nights

Where I shed my tears because of you

Joke on me because I am the one who struggling to live without you

Are you happy?

If you are happy with her,

God please let me have this happiness

Without have to feel sad remembering you

What a joke on me



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