It was late into the afternoon. They were drenched in sweat. Their moans were muffled. They must be careful as the kid was downstairs and she could hear their noises. A few more thrusts, and they were done. Mona laid on the bed, catching her breath while letting the AC dry her sweat off. She got up quickly, finally remembered that her daughter, Lisa, was waiting. She put on her clothes and walked out from the room. As she passed the door frame, she paused and said, “Same time next week.”

It was a Tuesday. Mona was doing her makeup. Should she put on her eyeshadow? Lisa’s tutor would appreciate it. That thought made her smile as she put the warm pink shade on. Might as well do the rest. Let’s see. Yes, let’s go with this for the lips. Mona put on the Sinful Scarlet and she looked at her reflection.

How long has it been?

A few weeks, yet she felt as if they’ve known each other their whole life. Why can’t things be that way with her husband? They were in love once. But after a child and countless arguments in between, the spark was gone. They would make love, yes, but that felt like chores. Tedious, messy and by God if it isn’t a fucking routine at this point.

Mona was not even sure why they were still together, but that doesn’t matter anymore.

She found someone else now. Something new. It excites her like nothing before and her mind was filled with nothing but the thought of them together.

The heart wants what the heart wants.

Yes. It is that simple.

The heart wants what the heart wants.

That is all.

She got out from her room and went straight to her car. It was almost time. Lisa’s session will end soon. Hers was about to start. She started the engines of her red Saga and made her way to the Tutor’s place.

It took twenty minutes to reach the place. She parked outside the gate as usual. Pulled the handbrake, took one last look at the rearview mirror, and stepped out from the car. She kept glancing at her watch as she walked towards the front door. It was always opened whenever the tutoring sessions were ongoing.

How did it happen again? They were friends at first and they would talk about things. Usually, the topics were Lisa’s progress, how she was doing at school, and some gossips about their neighbourhood.

But, after a while, they started talking about more private matters. Mona’s marriage, and why the tutor wasn’t married. Lisa’s tutor would listen. The tutor was always a good listener, and with just the right things to say. At first, Mona appreciated that. She finally has a friend. A real friend.

As weeks passed, Mona started to see this person in a new light. They would talk for hours when she comes to pick Lisa from her sessions, and they would talk again through texts. When their hands touched, her heart fluttered. This was it. This was the sensation she had missed all this while.

Eventually, the day came when they finally followed their hearts. They have been flirting long enough until the tutor invited her to talk in private regarding Lisa’s study plans. The nerve she was feeling at the time, Tuhan saja tahu. She went into the tutor’s bedroom. Just as she closed the door behind her, the tutor pinned her against the wall, and they kissed.

A long kiss, that led to other things.

She took her flats off, and she greeted the two in the house. They both were at the dining table, a few meters away from the front door.  Jesse looked up from Lisa’s book, and she flashed a smile towards Mona. They locked eyes for a second.

“Early as always, Miss Mona.”

“Of course. You both are here.”

Oh, she always knows what to say. Mona could feel blood rushing to her face. She heard another voice as she sat down on the sofa. Softer this time. It was Lisa’s.


“Yes, sayang?”

“Can we go get ice cream later, mummy?”

“Sure. Whatever you want, sayang.”

Lisa smiled.

“But after Miss Jesse and mummy have our discussion first okay?”

Mona glanced at Jesse, while gesturing on her watch.

“Lisa, try and solve this question first okay. Your mummy and I will have our talk in my room for a while.”

Jesse walked towards the stairs. She paused for a moment to look at Mona.

Mona stood up and made her way towards her daughter’s tutor. They both went upstairs and into Jesse’s bedroom.

They will take a while. Mummy and Miss Jesse likes to talk these days. What could they be talking about?

Lisa heard a door closing, and a soft thump from above.

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