It’s okay to cry

Unpopular opinion; Crying is not weak, crying is a form of strength.
I don’t think crying at 3am in the middle of waking up from a nightmare is cowardly
or weak as they call it
Nor do I think that crying at 3pm in a toilet stall in the middle of a fancy lunch date is.
Crying is you, holding on to every strands of hope left in your fighter heart;
for your life;
for your lover;
for your favorite cup of coffee in the cafe down the street;
for the new season of the tv series you have been waiting the whole summer for;
for the moment your dog welcomes you from work with warm fuzzy hug;
for adventures in new places you haven’t yet discover;
for yourself;
for whoever, whatever it is you have got to hold on to.
Crying is fighting off the demons under the bed at night.
Crying is fighting off the deafening voices in your head.
Crying is fighting off the wants in your heart never to ever be possessed.
Crying is all of us; when the world is a safe place to live in.
Crying is all of us; when both ends of the world collide into each other.
Crying is staying sane.
Crying is staying alive.

a 19 year old who writes shitty poems and loves indie bands.
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