It’s No Longer ‘Us’

It’s been more than a year. Or maybe almost a year. I don’t know anymore. I’ve stopped counting the days, honestly and it has been that way for quite some time now.

You know how we sometimes stumble upon each other on our way to God knows where we were going? My heart used to skip a beat. Like how heart attack make your heart skips it’s beatings, well, it was exactly the same thing — it wasn’t actually good, now that I know how it ends. It doesn’t make me feel the same anymore though.

You know the bookstore that we always used to spend our days at? I still go there. It’s just I always try to avoid that exact corner we used to hang out at. The bad jokes I made and how happy your laughter were? The dreams we talked about and promises of forever? Yes, that corner. These days, I walk through that corner like it’s just another corner in the world. It’s no longer special.

You know my habit of wanting you to sleep first whenever we talked over the phone? No matter how much we argued, I still do that back then. I do that because I wanna see you sleep peacefully ‘later’ when we are married. That ‘later’ won’t come, now that things have been this way. But I still want you to have a good sleep and wake up to better days everyday.

This will be the last time I write about you. I hope so. This will no longer be our lives; but MY life, and YOUR life. This will no longer be us, but I and YOU. This will no longer be ours, but MINE and YOURS. So, go on, go away, and lead your life your own way — because I’ll do the same.



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