Is it because of that?

Is it because of my perfect grades?
That I never got the chance to decide my life.
As if I have never had a choice.
And I never got to choose,
because all have been decided, since Day 1.
Is it because I’m such an obedient child?
That my whole life is lined right before me,
like the airport runway.
All I have to do is walk anxiously through it,
and never know,
where, when and how it will end.
Is it because of your belief that I could do anything?
That I really, can do anything.
And I won’t ruin my life for doing what I don’t desire.

Because of
my perfect grades,
my obedience,
I can do anything,
my life wasn’t mine, to live.

I daydream of big fantasies, and wander away from reality.
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