I wrote this at 3 am on one of those nights where i couldn’t sleep. have you ever feel lonely? you have friends but there’s still an occupied space in your heart that’s still searching for something, or someone. a void. an unknown. you’re having trouble sleeping because it gives space for the monster in your head to get to you. like there’s no escape. so you stay awake to procrastinate the process. lol. are you a religious person? i am, at least i believe in God. He’s the one who never leaves. always listening. one day i pray that “if one day nobody loves me, content my heart with the presence of You (God)”. some people might not believe this so much but really sometimes when you feel lonely, the feeling of God is there is reassuring. at least to me. my point is everyone feels lonely at points of their life, it’s inevitable, and its ok. the art of self loving could be quite hard too sometimes. Keep going. You are more loved and worthy than you realized.

writing is one of my escapes of the shitty reality. ironic, cause all i write about is of reality. | 20yo
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