inner voice

i’m sorry mum
i’m sorry dad
i know i messed up bad
i know should have done better.

i’m sorry mum, dad
for all the time you ‘ve got burdened by me
i know i should have done better.

1998, you gave birth to me sweet little pie
had the world at my feet before i could stand
that moment where you start to hope and dream for my bright future.

when i was at teen, i was so damn mean
isolate myself in my room, i’m sorry
all the fight as i grew up, i am sorry

i’m sorry for still burden you
for couldn’t buy you what you wish

i will mum and dad
i will make you proud
someday, inshaa Allah.

i’m sorry mom, dad
i never tell you this but

i love you but i just don’t know how to say.

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