Iman’s very short story 1

“I thought you loved me,” she said while lightly grasp her hand. Her knees suddenly felt weak. She couldn’t stand properly or even look at him, the person that she loves the most. “I am sorry, that’s my fault for making things worse. I thought that I loved you. Turn out, it’s only for a while,” he said confidently as he already knows at the very first place. He attempts to grab her hand but she quickly keeps her hand in her pocket and looks up to him. “I shouldn’t let you in at the first place. I shouldn’t allow my guard down. I thought that we were all right. I always think of something nice. I constantly let you repaint me. I always am the one that ends up giving. I don’t even care that you stop saying I love you. I always thought that maybe you have some other way of saying it but you didn’t. I always thought…. Oh, sorry I let my guard down once more. I’m sorry.” she utters it slowly and it sounded almost like she is whispering. All he can say is, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. For the very thousand times. She continues, “I’m sorry for letting you into this broken heart of mine that I thought you’ll be nice in it.” She slowly leaves him hoping that he might run to her. But oh well, with the fractured heart, she walks and her heart now can never be as beautiful as it before. She throws the daffodil away. The daffodil is lying, it doesn’t give hope at all. It doesn’t exist.

20 years old girl who loves to write a love letter.
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