Imagination and a wish

It sucks

Imagining life without you
Imagining walking down the street without your smiles and laughter
Without your “oh”‘s and “ape”s
Without your patience when I was excited to see kkmart
Cuz kkmart once had something that I like
But I found far more better person

Now I walk around, alone
Now I look at girls alone, wishing they were you instead
Wishing to see your annoying face when I look at you
Missing how menyampah you would be at me

And everytime I see a coffee shop
I ll remember you
Remembering how you wouldn’t ever take your drinks hot
Remembering how strong your coffee is
Remembering that you would clean up the place after we are done

And now I am alone
Wishing those would now are not likely to be
Wishing you would be with

This is where I write my implicit thoughts
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