i’m tired.

god. help.
mom, help me…

hear me, hug me.
i’m tired of saying i’m fine.
when i’m not.

how can i complaint
when others had it tougher?
how can i tell you that i’m scared?
when you put the weight of the world on my small shoulders
how can i tell anyone everything?
when people choose what they want to listen.

i’m loud.
but my soul afraid of loneliness
and i don’t know how to call you out

so i end up alone
i cried silently
so my heart feels better
when the hot tears rolled down my cheeks

you know what?
i’m not okay
can i tell you that?
will you hug me tight?
will you pat my back?
(cause i need that)
can you hear the ‘i miss you’
that i failed to say?

f.h (May 2019, 3.49 pm)

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