I’m not one of your fans

Your glare, your gaze, your mysterious face.

You’re so transparent, I could read you like a book. A children story book. It was fun at the beginning, I kept reading the book, and read and read the next page. It’s like I could expect the ending of it. I read and continue to read. At some point, I was bored. Like Little Red Riding Hood, The Goldilocks and The Three Bears. It was typical.. and ordinary.

“Maybe there’s a plot twist at the end. Let’s keep reading”

The end was near. I couldn’t see the twist, the twirls, the swirls, the whirls. At the end, there was no twists. I was disappointed, but I’ll keep your story on my shelf, just in case.

I wonder why people really like the book.. Is it because of its front cover..? Did they actually read the book? Did they finish the book? I wonder why.. but one thing for sure, I’m not a fan of the book.

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