i’m not a toy

i thought that was the end & i finally move on from you. but i was wrong, you come back to me.

i thought you wouldn’t be the same after you come back to me.
i thought you will treat me like a princess, but it’s no longer.
you changed after 2 months.

it hurts. you are so unpredictable. why you come back to me? why were you so kind at first and treat me like a toy at the end? why? what’s my fault?

i won’t let you break my heart for the third times. i’m hurt. i’m tired. i’m not a toy that you’ll treat me like shit. if you think after this you would hurt me please don’t come back to me. i rather lose a friend than being sad/broken.

i thought you were the best. but i was wrong. i hope i’ll hate you and never find you after this. please don’t find me if you see me happy without you.

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