I’m in love with a heartbroken girl

She stares grievously at the wide open sea
wishing she could forget the things that couldn’t be
this goodbye was something she refused to foresee
for she had believed that “this happiness is for me.”

But he chose to walk away from her side
when all his love for her had died and dried
and when she pleaded to him don’t run and hide
“But I’ve found someone new,” he obliviously replied.

As I stare at her I make a wish of my own
that her sorrow heart will no longer be alone
my love for her has only deepen and grown
that the pain from her tears seep down into my bone.

I sit next to her and give her a painful smile
to see her again even for a short time is worthwhile
how someone could hurt her I cannot fathom why
so I say the things I’ve waited forever as she cry:

“Take my hand and I will keep you
safe from the darkness and ugly view
because I saw you cried and then I knew
you had longed for something that was true.”

“But it wasn’t him and you thought that that was it
that your fingers perhaps could no longer fit
in anyone else’s hands that you would soon meet
for the taste of your love was no longer sweet.”

“He may not be the one and only for you
but I am here and I will see this through
why am I doing this God, I wish I knew
but I’ll make you happy, as every man should do.”

Maybe we’re not meant to be okay
because no one will forever stay
So please keep your hearts at bay
And never let it stray so far away.

I think. I feel. I write. Welcome to my reality.
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