Im back😆

Hello there! Its been a while since the last time i wrote something up here. I guess it was because i havent had any episodes. But not tonight. Hahaha. Tonight, i was feeling a lil gloomy. Most prolly because its the time of month hahah plus other issues as well.

Moving on, i would like to say that most of my posts are related to my personal experience and my inner thoughts. I dont know how to cope with it and i dont want to resort to self-harm. Thus, i prefer to write it down as i dont think anyone would want to hear me out. Hahaha. Writing it all out seems muchh easier for me as i am an anon. Nobody knew who i was. But the point is, if you are having the same kind of problem, please by all means, go seek help. Or write it down. I havent seek help yet because of personal reason. I think i have mentioned it before. Ahhaha. I might be going later, but not now.

21. Female. A girl with many issues. Expressing myself in my own words.
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