if only you care as much as i do

if only you care as much as i do,
i would have a very good reason to wake up every morning,
and i wouldn’t be sleeping in hopeless tears every night.

if only you care as much as i do,
my face would’ve beam throughout the day,
gathering highlights to reminisce with you later that night.
i wouldn’t be overthinking of everything,
like why you didn’t smile back
or why didn’t you reply my good morning wish

if only you care as much as i do,
we would lay together in the park, wishing sunset goodbye like tomorrow never existed.
we would sit together in the cafe, sipping coffees like caffeine is the new oxygen.
we would always have each other, within cries and every laughter.

but you didn’t care as much as i do
and everything that i wanted to happen, didn’t.
everything that i don’t want to happen, happened.
but above all, i really wish you did care.

a 19 y/o pessimist lost boy, messing up words to express complicated thoughts.
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