I wrote you as a good dream


I heard that the size of a human heart

is approximately the size of their fist;

and still, I know nothing of your heart

though I thought I had it-

which is to say I’ve never seen you fold a fist

and yet have felt every punch



I wrote you as a good dream once,

dimpled chin, oceans a little too calm,

I could’ve sworn you pulled the narrative

like a seamless lie- raconteur in action

I was a sailor anxious for the imminent storm,

stood right in the middle when it hits



when the dust settles, find me alone again

find me buried between chunks of

good memories-

find me still in love with you;

I am shameless with my longing,

know that when a love ends, nobody wins

even the one who cut it loose

here to serve some passive aggressive poems
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