I will never be a hero

I will never be a hero.

I try so hard to make people happy; to let them see how precious and amazing they are as a person as a human being that i dont want them to get hurt. I dont mind acting all fool and stupid in front of them; if that what makes them happy , i am more than glad to be a fool.

I try so hard to walk them through their life that i almost forgot how to walk through mine.

I got too carried away with their sparkling smiles that i lost mine.

I suffocate myself too much with the undying love towards someone that i even bother to love myself.

I feel the need to keep them safe from the world that fills with terrible mistakes and morons by putting myself at stake.

Eventually i know i am no ones hero.
Even though i’m trying to be one; i will never be that hero. The only hero i need to be is my own hero. Saving myself from being the casualty of my own thoughts.

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