I Want To Write In Colours & Rhyme

I really do,
Like how the skies are clear and sunny
Just like you
Like how I see red and thought of your shirt
The one you love so much
Even covered in dirt
I wish to write about the colour of your skin
How it changes under the moonlight
Or maybe your adorable eyes,
How are they so small yet shine so bright?
I want to be nice and write you these things
But the words can’t seem to arrange themselves properly
The syllables muddle up and stumble out poorly
You are all the wrong things they warned me
Wrapped up pretty in a cigarette
I swear I don’t smoke for the life of me
But the tone of your voice makes me forget
I want to write you a rhyme, a riddle, a poem anything
But how does one write something
Out of absolutely nothing.

I'm a lonely sweet potato.
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