I tak tahu.

My heart feels sad, for some reasons, and i dont even know what action i can take and what action i cannot take, in order to take care of others feelings, then i have to pretend to be okay like i used to. Yknow, life is not only about rainbows and butterflies, sometimes theres come rain, storm into your life. Once in awhile, maybe you feel terrible, sad, down, gave up with your life, but after long long time, you will coop with it. Because yeah, life is about ups and down. Sometimes we are up in the sky, sometimes we will feel at the bottom. Yknow, even everything that happens now, broke your heart, stress the hell outta you, you just got to be patient, cs patient is the key. As for me, i may look very strong but baby, no. I am fragile. When i am sad, i cried, that would make me feel better (the next day), when someone scold me, i cried, when i scold someone, i cried too because hurting someone is like hurting myself too. When i miss you a lot, i cried a lot, because theres nothing i could do to make me feel better. Missing you is like the hardest thing my heart would ever felt, would ever have to bear with it. I dont know, its like i’m missing some part of my body. I tak tahu. Life has been so hard for me lately, my cat died, it was so painfull and heartbreaking, and knowing that i have no one to share my sadness is double double painfull than anyone could fell. My bestfriend stabbed my back, and even stab me in the front. Life has been so tough for me, but i trust Allah that He has done the best for me. And I need you, thru ups and downs. I dont want to ask for more, if you could spend a minute for me everyday, it would be okay. I never thought, i would be this sad, i know i shouldnt, but i have feelings plus i am so fragile. I cant continue living like this. My heart feel sad and sick. Please make me feel okay again :’) I just want to be happy and okay again, with you thru ups and downs, because you already pinky promised me :))

be beautiful - just the way you are :)
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