I Saw Mine

By Miracle Worker

When you were born, I was the happiest man alive. But I was also nervous. I was scared of the fact that I’m about to carry a whole lot of responsibilities from now on. Being a father is no easy task, or so I was told. I’m known by people as one who doesn’t respond to emotions that well. In other words, I’m emotionless and static. But I knew, at the exact moment I laid eyes on you in that labor room, I felt an immense amount of joy that could not be contained.

Never in a million years have I expected that I’d be a dad. My life probably changed ever since that day. You changed it alright. As the days and years passed, your mom and I witnessed you growing up. It was the most beautiful thing ever. It was then that I understood how your grandparents saw me as a kid. It was then I regretted even the slightest of misdeed that I’ve committed towards them. It was then I wanted to turn back time and make every second with them count. If only I knew.

As you grow, you know I get older too, right? When you first entered your teenage years, it was really hard for us to ever see eye to eye. At times, I just don’t know what to do or the right thing to say and it broke your heart. But it broke your mom’s too. It was particularly hard for her as she couldn’t stand it when, well, you became what you’ve become. Maybe it is normal for those in their adolescent years to behave that way but our hearts sank anyway. And we miss you, son. I miss you. I don’t say that much but I guess I just want you to know that I want you back.

Well you’re 19, now. It may be hard for you but it’s harder for us. Let me tell you something. You were once so happy and cheerful that by just looking at you makes my heart smile on the inside. You were a gift from above. I watched you grow up. You played with your toys, said those first words, slept soundly and cried.

When I looked into your eyes, I saw mine.

But it’s different now. I wish I could understand what’s going on, but it’s all just so confusing. I guess I just want you back so badly.

To be continued..

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