I Said I’m Okay but Don’t Trust Me

I said I’m okay but don’t trust me,
’cause sometimes I hide so no one could see,
that deep down inside I’m a pathetic mess,
and nothing more than everything less.

I said I’m okay but I just don’t care,
’cause life is everything, except fair,
we fall down harder and harder each day,
from unsaid things and unanswered pray.

I said I’m okay only so you would stop asking,
the same hundred questions I’m tired of answering,
because each time I gave out the same fuckin’ lie,
it is also the time when all of my pieces slowly die.

I said I’m okay but don’t you pretend,
that you can have my heart unbent,
’cause people act like they are bloody worried,
when in reality they just want something to feed.

I said I’m okay but you damn know I’m lying,
because deep inside you’re also crumbling and dying,
just like every time you said you’re fuckin’ okay,
and everybody else pretend they’re in awful dismay.

I said I’m okay but I wish I hadn’t,
‘cause it reminds me of the things I couldn’t,
that I am nothing more than a useless coward,
for letting myself by failure be ever devoured.

I think. I feel. I write. Welcome to my reality.
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