I Refuse!

Cold was the night, but that do not stop three men creeping around a house. Their target.

Wearing similar attire, black shirt underneath black leather jacket, along with black jeans and boots and…. Of course, black shiny masks. These guys are planning to rob a house that seems deserted at three in the morning. Cold air are blowing and the night is dark, save for the full moon, gloriously going them a little help to break into the house.

Inside the house, lived a family of four. However, as for now, only two of them is in the house. The parents are away on a vacation, and they leave their trusted kids in charge of the house for a whole week. The kids, a boy and a girl named Lucienne and Lucianna, both seventeen of age, obediently take good care of their double storey house, of themselves and of each other. They are the type of kids that parents can be proud of.

Lucienne, who is an athlete, is now sleeping soundly after he finishes his usual run at 9pm. Lucianna, on the other hand, is in the shower, as she just finished her usual activities, which is reading Wattpad. She usually does not stay up late to read Wattpad but today is an exception as she read “F.A.I.T.H”, an unbelievably great story to her.

The twins bedroom are adjoined by one bathroom and when Lucianna heard Lucienne’s alarmed voice saying a ‘who are—’ question being cut off from inside of the bathroom, she become anxious.

“Tape his mouth and tie him up. I’m checking the bathroom.” Said a strangely sort of familiar voice of the robber. Lucianna, who is still in the bathroom, panicked but managed to get ahold of a bottle of shampoo, unlock the doorknob on Lucienne’s side of room quietly and hide behind the door.

Robber #1 with familiar voice walk into the bathroom, unaware of Lucianna hidden behind the door in a towel that reach just on her knees, with a bottle of shampoo as a potential weapon.

“Bathroom is clear! Though, the shower is running, what a waste.” he mumble the last part and proceed to turn off the shower. Lucianna heard another two set of footsteps leaving Lucienne’s room, so she close the door of that bathroom quietly using her leg— it does not make a sound, thank God— and grab a bar of soap using her free hand. The click of the door closing made Robber #1 turn towards her. Robber #1’s eyes widen in surprise but he do not get the chance to say anything as Lucianna tackles him, shove the soap inside of his mouth before he could scream and squirt the shampoo in his eyes when his eyes is wide as a saucer. She is straddling him and after a split second of squirting the shampoo, she grab her bra— lucky for her, it’s within reach— and choke him with the strap, and begin talking rapidly while choking him, in a panicked whisper.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing ruining my night like this I literally just wept my eyes out because Anthony died though he shouldn’t he didn’t deserve to die and Faylex finally showed PDA and to think you can be stupid enough to wear this stupid mask people wear to masquerade ball and for heaven’s sake you’re wearing a leather jacket and I refuse to die tonight I don’t deserve to die not today I’m not and— he’s not breathing. Oh, no, no, no.”

Lucianna check Robber #1 for a pulse and after a while of feeling guilty for accidentally killing someone, she breathe in relief as there is still a pulse, albeit faintly so.

“Thank the Devil you’re still alive.” She whisper and dress in a long sleeved shirt and Nike sport long pants hastily before creeping outside her room stealthily to find Lucienne. She is chanting ‘please be okay’ in her mind like a mantra when she walk downstairs and see Lucienne is tied, blind-folded and his mouth is taped. ‘The coast’s clear’, she thinks to herself, ‘not a robber in sight.’ So, she run towards Lucienne, take off his blindfold and proceed to untie his legs, when Lucienne warn her with a muffled voice of, “Mhmpf!” and widened eyes looking behind her.

“Well, well, what do we have—” Robber #2 claims but never get the chance to finish his sentence as a lamp is being beaten across his face, as hard as Lucianna could. Robber #2 is out, she thought and still with the desk lamp in hand, she tackles Robber #3 who is trying to run out of the house and push the lamp against his neck as hard as she can to choke him, but still he’s struggling under Lucianna.

“What are you—” Come the strangled voice of Robber #3 at the same time Lucianna mutter,

“Oh my god, why can’t you just die like a good boy and go to hell already!” and swings back the lamp to hit the face of Robber #3 square across his face, which to her surprise, stops him from struggling.

“Oh god.” She whisper in horror followed by a, “Thank god!” after she check both Robber’s pulse and it is still there. She then continue untying Lucienne, who is looking at her in awe.

“Lucienne, oh my god, are you okay?” She ask after untying him but she left the tape so he just nod.

“I don’t want to hurt you, so…the tape… DIY, okay Lucienne.” She say in a relieved voice with a nervous smile.

“‘Kay, Luci, I know you’re still confused as you just woke up but help me tie these asshats with a jump rope or a wire or whatever.” She say and tie Robber #2 and #3 with the wire of their TV in the living room and Lucienne’s jump rope just lying on the floor, respectively.

“My lips! It burns, Anna!” Lucienne claims.

“Quit whining, Luci! There’s another douchebag upstairs in our bathroom.” Lucianna informs as a set of footsteps descends and say, “You almost kill me, Anna!”

Lucianna and Lucienne look at him. Their schoolmate, before simultaneously screaming,


I put thor in author. You know, cause I like thunder, and thunder inspires me.
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