I never thought I’d die by her cold hands

There was nothing more assuring than living in a dream,
for everything in front of me felt real as it seemed,
the beauty of it made me refused to go back to reality,
no matter how many forces and pleas she gave to me.

I kept thinking that the love I had was forever,
that there were no chance in life I’d be alone ever,
and then the bitter moment came like a steady hurricane,
giving me no choice for all the pain I thought I’d feign.

I still remember the memories of me and her,
strange, for it was now my only remaining spur,
she soared like a butterfly into the late night sky,
and she just fucking left me here alone to die.

Damn it! I couldn’t understand why she would leave,
was it because of my assumptions and misperceive?
was I wrong for our life and future believed?
Apparently all these time I was nothing but naive.

It was so fucking easy for you to bid your adieu,
couldn’t you at least thought of what we’ve been through?
what happened to the deep promises you gave to me?
were they only empty words that you thought of so conveniently?

I held her hand tight so she wouldn’t let go that night,
when she told me everything in this world was finite,
I watched as she slowly slipped away into the farthest universe,
and dark veins started creeping in my mind like a curse.

Before I even got the chance to get a kickstart,
she shoved the spear so wildly into my broken heart,
I stared in her eyes hoping the pain I could withstand,
for I truly never thought I’d die by her cold hands.

I think. I feel. I write. Welcome to my reality.
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