i love him so much that i have to let him go

i love him so much that i have to let him go.

i always thought that he is my third love. the one who’ll stay with me forever. yea, they say third love will always be there. and i always thought it’s him. or i don’t actually thought it’s him. i think i actually HOPE it will always be him. time passed, i realized. it wasn’t him. it’s not him. it will never be him. im just an ugly little girl who tried hard to make him think im worth it. but no matter how hard i try, he’ll never look at me the way i want him to. maybe, to make him happy i can’t wait for him anymore. i should let him free and find someone who can actually make his heart feel at ease. sad that the ONE is not me.it’s okay, your happiness is everything to me darling. go.

i cry & then i smile
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