i just wanted to complaint

The Mixed feelings i feel.
Things are so freaking messed up right now.
Forever can end in a split second,
Yet soon may feels like an eternity
My mind is a mess. Im tired of the same shits that Im going through every single damn day.
I don’t want to have anything to do with you.
But I love the job.
I wish I can put aside our baseless fights and thoughts.
And focus solely on the job.
I wish this feelings that I harboured for you is gone.
Why are these generations kind of problems are so complicated?
Or are these actually were there from the beginning.
I wonder.
I just wanted to be a normal 22-year old girl.
Am I still a girl?
I lost it to the one that I don’t even love.
Why. Am. i. so.stupid. why did I trust men so easily.

i need help. i cant breathe. call a medic.


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