I hope I’m the answer to her prayers

Maybe I’m the answer to her prayers
Lord, I hope I am
more than just a passing fling;
another name to cross off your list
before you get to her again
and I swear to God
I never had my heart nailed to a cross
the way I’m offering it now
What I’m saying is stay
she left wishing you happiness, and
I promise my name starts with the letter H
if only you’ll let me in
I’ll make sure it never ends

I’ll hold you enough days
to stitch all your faith together;
enough to tuck you in at night
and not jump at the ferocity of your nightmares
I’m saying I’ll love you for who you are
for the nicotine stain between
your fingers, lips and breath
and the way your kisses
tastes like poison
I’ll love the way your fingers are tiny torches
and everything you touch burns, burns
I’m telling you it hurts, hurts
but I’ll love you anyway

I pray that I’m the answer to her prayers
when she whispers
God, let him meet a woman
who will love him enough
he’ll know what love feels like

here to serve some passive aggressive poems
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10 thoughts on “I hope I’m the answer to her prayers

    1. very true, indeed. I just like romanticizing things that hurt you, a bad habit of mine. maybe I’m a masochist :’) thank you for liking this!

    1. one of my rare mood, haha. but maybe I actually thought writing optimistic things will lead to positive outcomes in my love life as well šŸ™‚

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