I don’t mean to give you a chance.

I don’t mean to give you a chance,

But the way you say my name, the way you dance

Stole my heart away and drive me insane.

So I keep coming back for more

For your smile, for your laugh

For your tender eyes, that I couldn’t get enough.


I don’t mean to give you a chance

But you were so close and I couldn’t push you away.

I can see the way your body moves, I can smell your odor it feels so sooth

But I too can see you with her or her, silently I keep my tantrum, I keep my anger.

Because to let you take over control my feeling and heart,

Is something you don’t get to decide.


Months had passed, your absence still linger the same.

But I grew stronger, I grew bigger

To confront your eyes, and to takes what matter.

So I held your hand close to my chest, and that’s the least I do at best.

But this girl got to go, to somewhere she don’t even know.

To find herself, and to love her more.

Not that you don’t matter, but you left her sore.


When I thought you were the one , I don’t mean to share what’s mine.

We were so reckless in love, and hopeless to move further.

But you were so mean, and I can’t take you off my mind.

And that’s the worst part; cause you my one good treasure.


You left me astray, and pick me up the next day.

You told me I am yours, but a lie within every words you say.

You rub my cheek and hold my hand, convince me a queen should not despair

But I can see in your eyes and I can see through your soul,

That I am not the queen, you need to hold.


But I wear my own crown, and walk my own parade.

To disregard your existence, and ignore the words you said.

You are the man I loved, the man I hope to stay,

But faith with its power, I have nothing more to say.


To let you go is never been easy to me,

But to let us go, to let us down in the drain,

To let us sink; is something I couldn’t imagine.


I understand your heart and your mind,

You understand mine, in a words you couldn’t define.

So here I let you find the words, and give you time.

But till then; let us play pretend, that everything is fine.


I thought I vocalize my trouble but nobody were listen.
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