I couldn’t help it

I kinda experienced a weird friendship with one of my girlfriends. Let’s call her Nice. So we met at my university and we both were involved in this big event management and she’s starting to become a good friend of mine. Since i stayed in the hostel Nice will come to my room like almost everyday. We ate together, hangout and she even stayed back at my room. So the cycle continued until almost a year. We like always soooo together till there was a time i felt i ignored my own best friend. I have a group of friends (including my best friend) living at the same hostel and we know each other for 4 years since undergraduate. I ignored them. I cancelled our plans cz i had to accompany Nice. They once did not invite me to join them eating together. Nice used to feel guilty cz everytime she asked me about my friends i’d say i dont know and she said it must be because of her. I guess what i did was right cz Nice did not have much friends and she would get married soon so i thought i should spend time more with her instead. So Nice got married and she went missing just like that. It hurts deep inside. And now she came back for some reason and looking for me. I promise to myself that i wont ignore my friends anymore if she came back. I am nothing without them. They will always be my priority. 7 years friendship that i value the most! I learn from my mistakes. And to Nice, things will not gonna be the same anymore. I am sorry.

Yes I’ve made a choice.

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