I can’t

He’s everywhere. I see him in every corner. I think of him with every breath that I take. I miss him, very terribly.

Now I wake up every morning with a sinking feeling. I just want to sleep for as long as I can because that’s the only time I don’t feel anything. That’s the only time I don’t feel sad or broken or sick or despair and worst, all of it.

I can’t send a text to him every morning wishing him to have a good day ahead or maybe just to remind him to take his breakfast or maybe just a simple hi because he’s the first person I could think of right after I wake up. And beside I no longer recieve a text from him which that was the only thing that made me simply happy and being enthusiastic to start my day.

I can’t call him anytime just to check on him or you know , I would just call because I miss hearing his voice that has been my eargasm since day one. Now, his name no longer appear in my call log. I can’t text him at 3 am when I have a nightmare and I cannot sleep because it’s haunting me.

I can’t do everything that I have done with him because right now I’m all alone. But the thought of him won’t leave ,the smell of him still linger around.

And so, I can’t do anything but to wake up every morning and miss him even more.

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