Humble Beginning

Sometimes the beginning of a journey disguise itself as an ending.
You would encounter the beast and thought that this must be the highest level,
this must be it.
We are too wrapped up in our own suffering and negativity that
we lost sense of time.
We can no longer grasp reality as it is, or we think too harsh of it.
So when the worst possible thing that could go wrong, did go wrong,
it’s the end for us.

Little do we know that it is our humble beginning.
It is our chance to give ourselves a reality check.
This is our wake up call.
Call it a sign, or an omen. Regardless, an ending can be a beginning.

It is really hard for me to wake up everyday wishing the agony would just end,
and it never did.
Which made me feel like I am cursed to forever drown in pain.
Sometimes we forget about the little details that we often overlook, the things that will remind us there are beginnings in endings, even an endless circle of endings.

I am struggling, we are all struggling to put meanings in the important aspects of our lives.
It’s absolutely soul crushing to fail in even one aspect.
We became too focused on that one particular failure.

I need to search for my humble beginning everyday that I feel like I want to end things.

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2 thoughts on “Humble Beginning

  1. Can I just say that I am totally in love with everything you write? Everything falls into place so perfectly, and your beginnings are always dope ?

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