how to be happy

What makes a relationship work?

What is the most fundamental thing you need to have in order for a relationship to last?

What do you have to offer, to make sure things turn out ok?


You have to give up yourself.

You have to give up putting yourself first, and thinking of the benefits you can acquire.

No more thinking ‘what do I get out of this?’

‘why should I do this for you? you’ve done nothing for me’

no more.

don’t be calculative in everything you offer to your partner.

of course, don’t let yourself get walked over either.

just do everything with sincerity.

selfless-ness is a key element in a relationship.

but it can’t be one sided.

if it’s one-sided, then another person is taking advantage and being selfish.

no. you both have to be selfless.

when you both are selfless, then you both will be fighting to keep each other happy.

you both will be racing to give each other something. expecting nothing in return but their happiness.

imagine a world where all partnerships are like that

unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way does it?

it’s all “me me me” these days

even when they say it’s not for them, it still is.

and you’re just there. left heartbroken. because you gave your everything. but your everything wasn’t enough. it wasn’t worth it.

yes, it is true, that your happiness matters.

but remember

if your ‘happiness’ is a consequence of someone else’s misery,

then that’s just you being selfish.

I write nonsense, really. None of it makes any sense
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