How are you doing, Karen?

Wow, I thought that there would be lesser stupid people around since the pandemic happened. I was wrong!

I was told that I am the white person of Malaysia. A privileged Malay Karen. If I were white I could get everything that I wanted. More money, fame, beauty, and other perks. I could have been on the top of the world. Perhaps I could become a beauty queen and you could follow me on Instagram or something.

But no, sweetie, I am not your Karen. And my name is definitely not Karen. My skin isn’t fair. I do have some money, but I exchanged my blood, tears, and sweat with it. You told me that I’m privileged. Well, where’s the access to such privilege?

I don’t have any “cable”. I don’t have “blue blood”. I don’t have “Tengku” in my name. So here I am, still working to make ends meet while going through each level of discrimination. Your opinion is so flawed you can’t enjoy your orgasm when you masturbate with it.

You and I are born in this country. We both know that western imperialists used to be here and took away everything we had. They divided and conquered us. Yet all you see is some people around you who are abusing their privileges, and then you put a large blanket on all of us. You are privileged to talk about things you know nothing about and get away with it. YOU are the Karen here.

America is in danger. The lives of black people and people of colour are in danger. The lynching and looting never stopped. But you told me what? “yoU cHosE t0 Be cOlourEd f0r A reAsoN!” A reason to be persecuted for doing stupid things or for being different?

No one had a chance to choose what s/he wanted to look like before s/he was born. No one chose which demographic group s/he wanted to belong in. No one asked to live in discomfort. And definitely no one wanted to die in the worst way ever. But you, fake white Karen in the closet, have your favourite pseudo-spiritual lessons twisted your own judgement and morality. If the Law of Attraction is real, you have attracted bigotry. Even that huge crown on your head can’t secure your sanity. Or are you sane at all?

People say that this lockdown is a way to flatten the curve, but it still doesn’t curb the idiocy and ruthlessness of certain people. Everyone wants a cure for a disease, but not the cure for stupidity.

Liberals, libertarians, conservatives… whatever. We all belong to different sides of the same coin. Unless we want to learn, we will always think that we are right, respectful, considerate, and “woke”, and the rest are Karens, simps, and boomers. And we will keep pointing fingers to each other as the death counts skyrocket.

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