Home is When I’m With You

If distance was measured by kilometers and absence
then I wouldn’t be longing for a place I cannot see
for my heart is as close to you as it can be
but the burden of not knowing ‘when’s next’
really did not help with my heartache

When fingers can no longer speak through touches on soft skins
when a smile can be seen but not felt
when you see blue as I see black
maybe one day I won’t have to come back
maybe one day I will be heading home
to where you are, and I’ll never be alone

I couldn’t be me if there’s no you
it was like floating through life
waiting for the next chance that I can see you
It was always half of me in most situations
and they asked why I’m so empty
how can I be whole when I don’t feel like I’m home

– c.n

Side note: Just got back from visiting my friends in West Malaysia, the ‘you’ in this piece refers to them, they’re my home.

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