Him and The Other: Part I

By Qayzr

“You should really just take it. Nobody’s watching.” He said.

“While you’re at it, take the films. Take the films!” The Other said.

So, my conscience is not those traditional bad-guy and good-guy you always see deliberating and contemplating on every step I take in life. No, they’re both devils in their own league, always wanting to top each other off. I just call them Him and The Other, I didn’t bother giving them names. They’re like this ringing in my head that turned into voices after I survived a coma from a car crash on July of last year.

So, I like photography and since the accident (hopefully not out of pity), I got more and more gigs. They say my photographs are darker but to that I say, as long as the money is good I’ll shoot you guys in pitch black. I have titanium under my kneecaps so I really can’t do much else but take photographs of people getting married or these typical teenage wannabe models in some random park. I see nothing strange about myself though there are some “dark” auras when I close the shutter. 

A girl actually said “It’s like I am sucked into the camera. I truly feel captured.”

I had no idea what that meant.

“You guys, cut it out. I’m not stealing the vintage camera. It didn’t work on me yesterday, it won’t work on me today.” I said to them.

Or, myself. I’m not really sure at this point.

I’ve been going to Choong’s photography shop quite a lot lately because it’s near to my house and I need to develop the photographs, some people still want a decorated photo album, especially for weddings. I have no qualms about that. I enjoy arranging their joy, it takes my mind off the fact that my girlfriend left me when I was in my coma, thinking I would just perish from this Earth.

Okay, maybe my mind is not completely over this fact. She’s now together with my ex-roommate, studying together in the UK. I’m sure they do more than just studying. Can’t say much though, I’m still waiting for some sorry university to accept my application. My diploma in early childhood education can’t really blend with any of the more artistic branches of tertiary education.

“Choong, how much for this carrying case?” I asked the busy camera dealer.

“Don’t ask him, really, you can just take it… Take it!” Him said.

“I know when the delivery truck will come.. He usually sends them alone. We can gag him and take all the camera carrying case he has.” The Other continued.

“Guys! I only need one!” I yelled in my head.

“Uh, what?” Choong looked at me with the most confused look.

Okay, maybe I yelled in real life. Annoying little buggers.

How Him and The Other know these things is beyond me.

Maybe I’ll skip buying the carrying case for now? People seem to like the concept of a rough, bad-ass camera guy with just his camera running around taking pictures. I only have one photoshoot this weekend, a hijab blogshop. Maybe after the payment for that job I can splurge on a more decent carrying case.

“No! We’ll go find some prostitutes, you little virgin!” The Other screamed in my head.

“Him? do you have anything to add to this?” I spoke before Him did.

“No, prostitutes sounds good.” Him continued.

I walked out of Choong’s and walked slowly along the pavement leading up to the bus stand at the end of the rows of the shop. Suddenly, I was tapped on my right hand by an old, sickly lady walking with a cane. I was bit startled and I was glad I didn’t show it immediately.

“This old hag! Kick her!” Him yelled.

“Take her money!” The Other instigated loudly.

“Shut up!” I took out my wallet.

“Here, get yourself a nice meal.” I said as I handed her the rest of my money that I won’t be using for the bus fare.

“Thank you, dear boy. Take care of those devils in your head.” She said in a tone not suited to her form and demeanor.

What? Ah, never mind. the bus is here. I better run.

To be continued
He spends waaaaaaaaay too much time on this, but he finds joy in nothing else. Go easy on him.
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