i once love him and never stop loving him. idk what i feel right now. i had a boyfriend, and it’s the only thing that i can stop for loving him. but everytime i broke up w my bf, i fall in love w “him”, again. idk what other things that can make me stop loving him other than having boyfriend.


the saddest thing is i have to keep denying that i love him bc i know we cant be tgther because we are besties. sometimes i felt like he loves me too, but idk how actually he feels bc he never confesses.


i love everything about him especially when he laughs at my jokes. the little things i love about him. i care so much about him. if i tell him about how i feel rn, things will be awkward.

it’s okay, as long as he always with me, i wouldn’t mind if i cant express my feelings towards him.


(i’ll read this post again & feel cringe ugh)

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