hi again

hey. i wish i could just say it to you instead of logging on to this account and write all my chest off here. i miss you again.


it’s like an early night since everyone has gotten into their bed to sleep at 9.30 p.m. while i’m still on the couch with my laptop as my thoughts are occupying my head. i couldn’t concentrate watching tv anymore. i headed to my room and tied my hair to a ponytail and went to clean up in the bathroom as my routine before going to bed. everyone else was already falling asleep due to early alarm clock in the next morning compared to me. but i’m going to catch up with my friends tomorrow. if God wills.

i should have just grab my diary where i hide it inside my closet but i just feel like typing on a laptop. while taylor swift on the spotify play at the moment.

something i remembered today. i had dinner which used to be tomyam and nasi putih, at a stall beside McDonalds in Ampang near his house. i miss how he used to make sure i or he keep our things- wallet and purse, phones safely before dig in. how he liked to share his menu with me especially kangkung belacan. lol. and everytime he would look at me while i finish my meals, when i talk about anything. and then ended up we felt shy at each other for feeling the same thing. that specific feeling only we understood. no one else could. i miss everything about us that only us, that feel the way we actually feel and say what we mean to each other.


i hate that when people would read this they might think i’m wasting my time dwelling on my break up but this is just my platform, or another place i can vent and say whatever i wish i didn’t have to keep inside so  that the hurt will burden less. mind you.


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