Hey, Are You Like Me?

Hey, you there!
Are you like me?
Spending much time on the internet searching
For any entertainment that will do.
For anything that you’ve been ignorant to.
For any proof that others have it much better than you.

Hey, are you like me?
Do you spend terrific amount of time on vacation sites,
But never really click that ‘reserved’ button,
Cause you never know what you gonna face,
Once you leave your comfort zone.

Hey, are you like me?
Do you go flip and toss your mind around?
Whenever you wanted to buy something?
Whenever you wanted to say something to someone?
Whenever you wanted to stand up for yourself?
Do you ended up giving in?
Do you ended up learning to ignore?
Do you end up swallowing everything in?

Hey, are you like me?
Are you afraid to take the first step?
Are you afraid of even making a baby step?
Thinking that things might change 180?
Those never-ending questions that left unanswered,
Are you like me?

Till you can figure them out,
One by one,
Leaving non unanswered,
Only then will you take the steps.
To go out venture the world,
To go out making new friends,
Meeting new people,
Saying the first Hi.

And by then,
Definitely by then,
You’re old.
And done for.


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