Her Lost

Sara Elmira

It is hilarious how the person you once knew, the ones you’ve been ups and downs with, the ones you’ve shared laughter with, the ones who gave a lift in conviction, can easily become strangers. Life does terrible things and the further you go, the more atrocious it’ll be.

Honestly I swear, she wasn’t even in the same league as he was. Not even once. Numerous times have I told her but love just consumes her too well. She was being deaf to my words. Talking was futile. “It will work. A few years from now, we’ll get engaged, married, have three kids and live happily ever after.” She said with joy, smiling. Yes, they planned it well but I was never on the same page with her. I was in a different book.

How can she be so sure of it? Marrying him? It’s preposterous. Fate has been written, no one can alter it. No one. “Perhaps you are going too far with him, don’t you think?” she sighs and slowly walks away from me. She caught ego.

When you nourish something that isn’t yours, withhold it, retain it with your so called love, eventually it will fall apart. He wasn’t yours and never will be. I hate to say that I told you so. I really hate to say that.

“We are officially no longer.” Despaired, she left in an instant.

The agony, she keeps pushing it deeper. Wondering why she kept trying if she can’t have him. Until one day she breaks down into pieces, scattered around everywhere. She sobbed for months. I couldn’t put her together. I tried reasoning with her but she won’t listen to me not then, not now, not never. If only I could feel what she felt.

She is now fractured but healing. She changed. Being in a state where defence never descend, she’s more cautious now though some part of her rot. She was bitter. If only she would listen to me. I thought out everything for her. That was what I assign to do. To think for her. “Trust and rely on me. Listen and abide me. I will not allow such things to happen again.” I said. She replied with silence.

I was her brain and she was my heart. 

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