Heartbreak never heals

How come someone disappear for years and suddenly stands in front of you now?

How come someone who breaks your heart to pieces return to you likes nothing happen before?

How would you deal with it?

“I’m sorry” he breaks the silence between them.
“You left me on our wedding, how should I forgive you?” She’s holding up tears.

He has been leaving her behind on their wedding day 3 years ago. That day hold many unwanted memories that she tried to forget but why he need to comeback after all and triggered all the memories?

She has been dealing with many things since he left. Her grandmother suddenly died because of heart attack when she knew that he was not coming to the wedding. Her father stop talking to her like all the things happen are all her fault alone. Her friends were talking about it like that was the end of her life.

She’s alone. She’s sad. She’s hurt.

A sudden encounter at the Walmart with him only made everything harder now. Those 3 years that she has been holding up now seems useless.

“I do miss him, dad and everyone through this years but that doesn’t mean i still need them in my life”.

That is the last time he saw her before she hanged herself in her apartment without leaving a single note behind and made a headline on his father’s favorite newspaper.


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