HAZED kind of love

Went on a date with D
It feels nice he appreciate every little thing
The music at the restaurant
The taste of the meal he ate with me
Focusing on me while waiting our food
Eventhough it takes hours
But phone aside
Ahh he’s appreciating everything and that include me

Talking with Z
I love how he make fun of me and make me laugh
He said he love to share everything with me
Every story flow smoothly when the person is me
And he never know why but he can never be mad at me
This one make me feel worthy

Sharing with H
A mummy in a man
A sister in a guy
A girlfriend in a boyfriend
The one who listen no matter how ridiculous he think my story is
The one who’s with me when im scared
I felt safe

Knowing A
The one with big responsibilities
But always a smile on his face
So much positivity with such hardship
The one so eager trying to get to know me
I realise im not invisible

Loving E
Hands on my body
mind thinking about her
Miserable is the only word i always felt
But we dont get to choose whom we love
Wise thought doesnt help motivate your stupid heart.

This side of me i dare to show, because you're just a stranger :)
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