When you held my hand, my world stops, I became numb, the only thing I can feel was your rough hands against mine, the sparkles that sets inside my heart. It feels like electricity flows across our intertwined palms, makes my spine shivers. I felt safe. I felt that I’m in good hands, the warmth of it makes me feels like this is where my home belongs. I belong to you. The moment that our skin met, I knew that I’ll always come back to you, I knew that wherever I go I’ll always find my way to you. It was euphoric. This euphoric feeling will be my new addiction. You will be my new addiction. It changes everything you know? The moment you touch me, what I felt about you changed. I became infatuated. In love. Is this love? Is this how it feels? If it is love then why am I afraid? Afraid of loosing it, afraid that this euphoria will disappear, afraid that I will never feel this again, afraid that I’ll lose you. I want you all by myself. Can I? Is that possible? Or am I being greedy? But if its you, ill be greedy. I’ll be defensive. I’ll be something I’m not just to be with you. I’ll do anything for you.

But, will you do the same? 

17 and im already stressed out
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